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Universal White Time Healing

Relax Release Replenish

Universal White Time Classes & Upgrades

Universal White Time Healing Level 1


£50 - deposit not refundable

Held over two and a half days

Refreshments, snacks & light lunch provided

All course material

3 Big initiations

Your own connection to White Time

  • You will have a basic understanding of White Time and will be connected to the Force of White Time for healing
  • Information about what White Time Is
  • The Well of White Time
  • How Universal White Time Healing is different from other healing modalities
  • Who created Universal White Time Healing?
  • How to do hands-on-healing on others and on self
  • How to do Distance healing on self and others
  • How to Balance the Chakras
  • How to cleanse the Aura
  • How to do Light touch healing
  • How to do Accident healing
  • How to do Animal healing
  • How to do Planet healing
  • White Time Healing as a Way of Life
  • The Golden Movement, Part 1
  • Powerful Healing Symbols
  • Healing with Ese (Total Love)
  • Information about The Golden Knights and The Sea of Creation
  • Healing for the Earth
  • How to do Weather Healing
  • How to do healing on Matter
  • How to do Headache healing
  • Initiations: 13 big Blocks are removed in order to understand and take in the force of Universal White Time Healing
  • What happens inside the healer?
  • The Healer as a person

Universal White Time Healing

Level 2


£50 - deposit not refundable

Held over two days

Refreshments, snacks & light lunch provided

All course material

150 Step Upgrade

In the second level of White Time, a healer begins to work creating with the Mind. Here the foundation for the rest of the levels is laid.

  • How to Create Light Tubes
  • How to Create Light Walls
  • How to put a Light Tube into a person
  • How to put a Light Tube into a room
  • How to Build Light-wall
  • How to clear negative energies by using Light Walls
  • How to clean a room with a Light Wall
  • How to work with White Divine Blessings of Light
  • Total Balancing with Ese (Love)
  • Total Balancing with Ese on self
  • A more advanced of aura cleansing/aura healing
  • Cleansing of lungs
  • Cleansing of stomach
  • Golden Movement, Part Two
  • Meditating on the Well of White Time
  • A More advanced Chakra Balancing
  • Emergency Chakra Balancing
  • More on grounding people
  • How to close up leaking energy
  • You receive Upgrades or Elevations
  • You open up the Healing funnel and it becomes bigger
  • More on Healing with Ese
  • About Life Energies
  • How to work with the flow of energies in a room
  • Upgrade - 150 steps 


NEW UWTH Initiation -WT Healers only (can be done on distance or contact)


Upgrades by contact only.You will need to travel to me.

£20.00 each

150 Steps - Anyone Spiritual

250 Steps - WT Healers only - should be done before level 3

550 Steps - WT Healers only - should be done before level 3

150 Step upgrade is included with Level 2, but it can be given many times after this. It is enormously healing and balancing for White Time Healers and can also be done for anyone spiritual, as it will open up a person on an individual level, whatever is right and needed for that person.