Universal White Time Healing

Relax Release Replenish

New Earth Teacher - Correspondence Course

NET Course 1

How to open small portals on land

How to open small portals on Oceans, Lakes & Water

How to connect with Mother Earth's Soul & Spirit

Meditations about the New Earth

How to take the first steps in cleaning & fixing present Earth

How to Help & release Karma from the Earth

Understanding the new Chakras

How to use Life Elixirs

How to do The Golden Movement part 1

Initiation to become a New Earth Teacher (teacher 3)

How to initiate others to become a New Earth Teacher


NET Course 2

How to make Star points & build Star point systems

How to prepare others for the enormous changes coming

Exercise to reach deeper within & find yourself & your power of thought

Exercise for those eager to help

How to build a Chakra Ladder

Stones to balance the new Chakras

How to help our fellow beings- to let go of old ties holding Mother Earth back

Using thought power to work with Ribbons/Bonds to Mother Earth

Meditation for the New Sun

Meditation - Another Journey to The New Earth

Golden Movement for The New Earth

Initiations for further opening


NET Course 3

How to open small portals at a distance

How to temporarily change the frequency in big objects

How to temporarily change the frequency in small objects

Changing frequency at a distance

Meditations in power places on New Earth

Healing with symbols

About changing the Appearance

To raise your own frequency

To prepare for Contact




"About Time" A little about what Time really is & how it can be used

The process of the two planets meeting

Inter-dimensional Ascendance

How to make stronger portals

The new energies of New Earth

About clouds

Symbols to help change the vibration in food & drinks

Symbols for personal development towards Universal insight

Life on old Earth

How to raise the frequency of objects at a distance

Life & Death on New Earth

The last battle in the Universe - Good & Evil



NET Course 5

Soul changes

Animals' response

Meditations to The New Earth

The Total of The Death Kingdom's New Halls

When the Old & the New Earth meet

The New Light

The New Chakras

To open your friends & animals a little more

Pockets of Time

The Enlightenment stones of the Soul & Spirit

Words to Intone, Tone & Chant

White Time Healing



NET Course 6

About Catastrophes

The Ocean

Symbol for cleansing liquid

The Little is so Eternally important to the Great Whole


The Human Group Consciousness

The Death Kingdom - working with it's outer layer

Three Meditations

Personal development in connection with Spiritual Evolution & New Earth

The Enlightened Masters

The Third Drop

A way you can help The Third Drop

The stone Morganite

Protection symbol

New ways for your Meditation on New Earth



NET Course 7

Suggestions for pre-help

Bigger brain capacity

3 patterns to open brain flow & activate it in smoother ways

Pure thoughts can create

To Meditate with stone

Deeper Meditations on New Earth

To understand yourself to integrate more mew Chakras in the body

Learn to pre -create with the pure thought

Six Point Systems

Big Initiation


NET Course 8

The Dimension Light

Greater brain capacity with protection of the The New Inner Light

Brain capacity patterns 1 - 5

Symbols to open you up

The New Light's symbol 1 - 4

Light Meditations from Beyond

Symbol for The Alliance of The New Inner Light


Extra symbols for yourself

Initiation Meditation on The New Earth

Words of Force & Movement of Energy

About The New Earth Meditations

Active Energy in your New Earth Meditations

Energy Procedure for Active Energy in Meditations


NET Course 9

Map of New Earth

That which has happened & is happening

How do we actually feel ?

To give & receive Cosmic Forgiveness

New Earth Meditations

The 6 weeks before, the pockets are emptied

What kind of body does one choose

The 3 days of Ascension and the 6 weeks after

The conflicts between Good & Evil

The Third Drop

The Drop Meditation

So what was the war really about

A maybe, is the answer

The changes of the Chakras

The completion of the Chakras

The Chakra Cord's inner & outer

Meditations on the New Energies in the Chakras & for the Chakra Cord's Wholeness of Force & Light

The Chakra Cord's Meditation

What is happening to the Soul & Spirit right now

The Aura's final stage & completion

The Chakra's completion

About the stones of The New Chakras & their layout

Thought patterns for the Chakra Cord's Inner Light

The Truth is in The Beyond

The Presence in the Heart