Universal White Time Healing

Relax Release Replenish


Gemstone Colour Layouts

  White Energy

White Energy gives contact with Universal Love, purification, balancing, reason, decision making, insight, forgiveness and understanding in connection to all.

  Violet Energy

Violet Energy gives contact with the Higher Self, spirituality, soul and spirit.

 Blue Energy

Blue Energy gives contact with freedom, air beneath your wings; to fly freely; to soar weightlessly in the wind; to enjoy a birds-eye view; to reach the ocean, spirit flying and soul bathing.

 Red Energy

Red Energy gives contact with emotional life, femininity, female hormones, fertility, strength, glow of love and passion.

Green Enery

Green Energy gives contact with nature, spring growth, peace, life, understanding, creativity, beauty, relaxing and enjoyment.

Yellow Energy 

Yellow Energy gives vontact with the light of the Earth, it's colour and warmth, the Earth's core, heat, sun, joy, touchglow of love and caring.

Orange / Gold Energy

Orange / Gold Energy gives contact with Higher Beings and Guides. Can be used before channeling spirits or meditating. Balancing and focusing body and mind.