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Universal White Time Healing

Relax Release Replenish

Angel Card Readings

An Angel card reading is a lovely way to receive messages from the Angels around us, who wish to help and guide us in our everyday living. Each reading is individual and I am usually guided to work with 3 Angels/cards for a person, but there are occasions when I m asked to give more information and so more cards are used. The Angel messages are always very loving, gentle and encouraging, they want to help us and are just waiting for us to ask. Asking for their assistance, guidance and protection can open so many doors and bring about great change in your life.

Please contact me if you would like an Angel Card Reading. I do these on distance and will need your name, date of birth and area you live, so I can tune into you personally and make a strong connection. Also I will need your e-mail address so I can mail you the reading. If you wish you can also e-mail a picture of yourself, but this is NOT essential.

£10.00 per reading